• Sun Land Group will structure and provide financing, project management and contracting of companies to build more than 4,000  kilometers of roads and highways throughout the country.
  • Agreement also includes new power station projects.
  • Five year, $124 billion UAH commitment.
  • Sun Land Group is not putting together consortium of contracting companies.

Mostobud Bridge Project - UKRAINE

  • Agreement with Mostobud, Ukraine's largest bridge builder, to provide the financing assistance and project management for a $7 billion bridge construction effort through Ukraine.
  • Sun Land Group's financing will accelerate completion of most projects in time for the European football championships in 2012 that will be held in Poland and the Ukraine.
  • Agreement allows Ukraine's Mostobud to focus on construction and logistical issues related to national transportation construction efforts.
  • This is the first phase of a $124 billion UAH highway project to build 2,143 kms of new highways, re-construction 1,123 kms of roads and highways and repair 5,000 kms of roads and highways throughout Ukraine.